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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

Years 5 & 6

Knowledge and skills:

During Year 5 & Year 6 the children learn to:

  • breathe in the correct place when singing;

  • maintain their part whilst others are performing their part;

  • improvise within a group using melodic and rhythmic phrases;

  • change sounds or organise them differently to change the effect;

  • compose music which meets specific criteria;

  • use notation to record groups of pitches (chords);

  • use a music diary to record aspects of the composition process;

  • choose the most appropriate tempo for a piece of music;

  • describe, compare and evaluate music using musical vocabulary;

  • explain why they think music is successful or unsuccessful;

  • suggest improvement to their own work and that of others;

  • contrast the work of famous composers and explain their preferences.


  • sing in harmony confidently and accurately,
  • perform parts from memory;
  • take the lead in a performance;
  • use a variety of different musical devices in their composition (including melody, rhythms and chords);
  • evaluate how the venue, occasion and purpose affects the way a piece of music is created;
  • analyse features within different pieces of music;
  • compare and contrast the impact that different composers from different times have had on people of that time.