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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

Years 1 & 2

Knowledge and skills:

During Year 1 & Year 2 the children learn to:

  • use their voice to speak, sing and chant;

  • use instruments to perform;

  • clap short rhythmic patterns;

  • make different sounds with my voice and with instruments;

  • repeat short rhythmic and melodic patterns;

  • make a sequence of sounds;

  • respond to different moods in music;

  • say whether they like or dislike a piece of music;

  • choose sounds to represent different things;

  • follow instructions about when to play and sing.


  • sing and follow a melody;
  • perform simple patterns and accompaniments keeping a steady pulse;
  • play simple rhythmic patterns on an instrument;
  • sing or clap increasing and decreasing tempo;
  • order sounds to create a beginning, middle and an end;
  • create music in response to different starting points;
  • choose sounds which create an effect;
  • use symbols to represent sounds;
  • make connections between notations and musical sounds;
  • listen out for particular things when listening to music;
  • improve their own work.