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"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

Birch - Years 5&6

Welcome to Birch!

Year 5/6


Summer Term!

This term, our whole class topic is 'Life's Journey'.

Through this topic, we will look at our personal journey in life, Relationships and Sex Education, living things and their habitats in Science and much more!


Our whole class book is called 'Floodland'.

Science Show With Dr Jonny

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PC Mark Weedon

Science - how exercise affects our bodies function

Postcard Artwork For Sale

Whole School Resilience Day: Make Me A Superhero

Year 6 Visitor: PC Mark Weedon - Internet Safety

Geography: Different Modes of Transport

Back to School - Science Week!

Happy New Year!

This term's topic is called, 'Explorers'.

During this term, we will be learning about the Amazon Rainforest.


Lockdown Update!

All lessons and work are set on our Google Classroom.

However, reading, usual termly homework and spellings can be found on this page too.

Please email the Office or class email if you have any questions.

Meet Hope, our new class mascot

Autumn Homework

Class Work Autumn

Sports Hall Athletics

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Hop Step and Jump

Sports Hall Athletics

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Distance throwing with a medicine ball

Sports Athletics

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Standing Vertical Jump

Sports Hall Athletics

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Speed Bounce - 20 seconds

Sports Hall Athletics

Forest School

Forest School

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Photography with Mr Green

Henry Moore Artwork

Comparing Numbers

After reading ‘How to Live Forever’, the Year 5s drew a world from their favourite book

First Science Fair at KLB

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During the morning, we did lots of exciting things at KLB and even saw a Big Bang show, which was brilliant.

Science Week at KLB

This term's topic is all things Space!

Keep looking at our page to see what we have been up to.

Music: composing relaxing music


Information Texts About Space

Year 5 Percentages

Abstract Art

Day 1

First, we all looked at Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract artwork.

Then we took inspiration from his most famous pieces to create a success criteria. We decided we should use bright colours, black lines and shapes.

Afterwards, we listened to Holst’s Mars, thinking carefully about how the music made us feel.

Lastly, we created our own abstract art, trying to replicate Kandinsky’s style, whilst trying to express the emotions we felt from listening to the music.


Day 2

Firstly, we looked at each other’s painting and gave feedback: thinking about what we liked (whilst looking at our class success criteria) and how they could further improve.

Next we planned how to act on the feedback so that our work was even better.

Then we were able to create our improved paintings.


Please see below for pictures of our art.

Abstract Art Day 1

Finished Paintings Day 2

Our explanation texts linked to STEAM Week

Trip To 'We The Curious'

Which object is representing which planet size?

Rocket Mice! A Science Investigation.

K’nex Challenge

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We designed and built K’nex carnival floats.

In our Science lessons this term, we are learning about forces. So far, we have learnt about air and water resistance.

We love learning through experiments and hands on activities so we designed an experiment with paper spinners to find out more about air resistance. Also, we learnt about water resistance by designing and building plasticine models that would float or sink.

Fabulous Forces

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, we have been reading lots of Greek Myths. After reading Pandora's Box, we drew the creatures that came out of the box and used our imagination to describe them. Here are a couple of examples.

Remembrance Day Art

Some Photos From PGL

Play Leaders Training