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Weekly Reading Reflections


This is the only homework we ask for every week, which we expect to see handed in on a Monday. In doing so, this will help your child prepare for their transition to secondary school, where they will be expected to complete homework frequently for a specific day.


Our expectation is that the children reflect on their reading 4 times a week with 1 reflection being a chosen reading activity. The reading activity sheet has been stuck in the back of the children's reading records.


To support the children's reflections, there are 2 examples below and sentence stems stuck into the reading books to support them in writing a variety of reflections. Also, adults in the class mark the children's reflections, giving personal feedback to support next week's reflections.


Please see below for choices of reading activities, more VIPERS (the school's way to structure reading lessons) and information about coloured book bands.


Reading Reflection

Reflection Examples

Question Ideas

Colour Book Bands


At Kingswood Primary School, we use reading VIPERS to help the children with their reading skills:









Below are some question ideas that you could use when listening to your child read at home.