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RE at Lower KS2 (Y3&4)

During the key stage, pupils should be taught knowledge, skills and understanding through learning about Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews. Pupils may also encounter other religions and worldviews (including non-religious worldviews) in thematic units.


Key questions for Years 3 and 4:


  1. What do Christians learn from the Creation story?

  2. What is it like for someone to follow God?

  3. What is the "Trinity" and why is it important to Christians?

  4. What kind of world did Jesus want?

  5. Why do Christians call the day Jesus died "Good Friday"?

  6. For Christians, what was the impact of Pentecost?

  7. What do Hindus believe God is like?

  8. What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?

  9. How do festivals and worship show what matters to Muslims?

  10. How do festivals and family show what matters to Jewish people?

  11. How and why do people mark the significant events of life? (Christians, Muslims, Hindus, non-religious)

  12. How and why do people try to make the world a better place? (Christians, Muslims, non-religious)