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Pre-reading Phonic Activities

Pre-reading Phonic Activities


The range of pre-reading phonics activities we use in school focus on developing children’s speaking, listening and awareness of sound. Developing these skills creates foundations for when children begin to learn their letters and sounds. Your child will begin to distinguish between different sounds within their environment and to show an awareness of rhyme and alliteration.


In this ongoing phase, your child will be learning to:

· have fun with sounds

· listen carefully

· develop their vocabulary

· speak confidently to you, other adults and other children

 · tune into sounds

· listen and remember sounds

· talk about sounds

· understand that spoken words are made up of different sounds.


Activities focus on seven interlinking parts:

· environmental sounds

· instrumental sounds

· body percussion

· rhythm and rhyme

· alliteration (words that begin with the same sound)

· voice sounds

· oral blending and segmenting