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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

Years 3 & 4

Knowledge and skills:

During Year 3 & Year 4 the children learn to:

  • sing a tune with expression;

  • play clear notes on instruments;

  • use different elements on my composition;

  • create repeated patterns with different instruments;

  • compose melodies and songs;

  • create accompaniments for tunes;

  • combine different sounds to create a specific mood or feeling;

  • use musical words to describe a piece of music and compositions;

  • use musical words to describe what they like and do not like about a piece of music;

  • recognise the work of at least one famous composer;

  • improve their work, explaining how it has been improved.


  • perform a simple part rhythmically;
  • sing songs from memory with accurate pitch;
  • improvise using repeated patterns;
  • use notation to record and interpret sequences of pitches;
  • use notation to record compositions in a small group or on their own;
  • explain why silence is often needed in music and explain what effect it has;
  • identify the character in a piece of music;
  • identify and describe the different purposes of music;
  • begin to identify the style of work of Beethoven, Mozart and Elgar.