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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"


Design and intent:


Our curriculum is designed to equip our children for life covering the following three areas:


  • KNOWLEDGE - learning the key information and facts needed to access the whole curriculum, creating building blocks of understanding which they can use as a foundation in their time at secondary school and beyond


  • SKILLS - to apply the knowledge learned in a range of contexts, as well as learning skills specific to different subject areas or of a practical nature


  • PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS - being able to use the knowledge and skills learned when working individually and with others. These characteristics are summarised by our "Seven Cs" of: commitment, curiosity, confidence, citizenship, collaboration, creativity and challenge. (Please see the "School Values" page of this website for more details.)



At Kingswood we believe that it is important to make the curriculum as stimulating and interesting as possible. This year we have moved to a more thematic curriculum. We ensure that the current National Curriculum is covered, but we also carefully consider the skills that we are intending the children to develop as well as the content. We want our children to become active and avid learners, with the skills to succeed in whichever educational direction they choose, throughout their lives.


We place great value on actual experiences. Wherever possible we incorporate visits to act as a catalyst to learning. We also try to identify visitors to come into school and enrich the children’s work. The Kingswood School Association supports this work by providing funds to subsidise the costs of visits and visitors, so that we are able to be creative and adventurous. We ask all parents to support the KSA in whatever way you can, so that we are able to continue to enjoy this fantastic support.


Kingswood Primary School is a maintained community school, which means we work in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council. As a maintained school, we are required to teach the National Curriculum as set out by the Department for Education. Details of this curriculum can be viewed via the following link:

The national Curriculum for the primary years is divided into three stages:

Foundation Stage   pupils 4 – 5 years old

Key Stage 1           pupils 5 – 7 years old

Key Stage 2          pupils 7 – 11 years old