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Year 2

In maple class we usually spend 15 minutes every day practising our maths fluency together. This usually involves practising maths skills  and facts we have previously been taught. After having a look at what BBC bitesize has to offer I feel these would be useful for this purpose, the links below (with the exception of the challenges) are all things we have looked at before and would be good for your child to practise so we don't become rusty!

I have found a really useful website which has a daily learning video and activity. The resources actually started when the schools first closed but it would be best for year 2 to start back here as it fits perfectly for where we were up to with our maths...fractions!


This week I would like you to start on Week 1. We will be continuing to use these for the duration of the school closure so you can treat it like a program, if you do a bit more one day and less on another it doesn't matter, I liked that it was named as 'lessons' rather than days of the week for this reason. There is a video to watch and a learning activity. There is no need to print these out necessarily but make a note of responses and then check on the answers.

Please complete the following this week if possible: all of week one and lesson 1 from Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th April). I know this is six lessons over five days but one of the videos is only a couple of minutes long so you could double up on one day.


I have included underneath the slides from my teaching powerpoints which will support this week's learning too (click on an image to enlarge it). Some will be familiar and some will be new as the numbers started dropping in Maple class when we were in the middle of learning fractions! There are also some further do it, twist it, solve it activities for anyone who would like them, but there is no expectation to do them.


I will post in here any other activities I feel would support the week's learning as and when I find them.

Equal parts

Recognising a half

Finding a half

Recognising a quarter

Finding one quarter and three quarters