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Practising High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words (HFWs) are common words that appear very often in written texts. They are a mixture of decodable words (words which can be sounded out) and tricky words.

Tricky words are words which the English spelling code works in an unusual or uncommon way, which means the words have to be learned and recognised by sight. 

It is really important that children learn how to read these words as they will make up a large proportion of the words they are reading in everyday texts. The quicker they are at recognising them, the more fluent their reading will become. 

You can practise high frequency words for phase 5 using the video below as well as incorporating the bookmark into your reading routine.

Sometimes it is more worthwhile to focus on a few words at a time and look at these little and often, changing the words when your child can recognise them by sight.

It is also useful to group certain words together to help your child spot patterns, for example now and down on the decodable and he/she/me/we/be on the tricky words.

A few activities you could try with a few words at a time are:

Flashcards - make flashcards (make sure you don't use a picture with the flashcard because your child needs to remember the letters)

Memory games - make 2 sets of flashcards (maximum of five words) and play a game of pairs

HFW Spotting - ask your child to look out for high frequency words on signs or advertisements

Play the video to practise your Phase 5 HFWs

Still image for this video