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Kingswood Primary School

"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

Wildlife Wonder - photography project

We are excited to announce a new project for our school for this year: we will be working with local photographer, Iain Green, taking pictures of our local plants, animals and landscape to produce two finished products:

· Four books of the seasons that can be used in school, starting with Autumn (September, October and November) and continuing through the rest of this academic year

· A future calendar for 2022, containing photographs taken by the children and sold locally to raise funds for the KSA

Iain will be familiar to many of you as an ex-parent and governor and he has worked with schools and organisations across the country, helping them to gain an understanding and appreciation of their local environment. He will begin working with Beech class during their Forest School sessions in the next two weeks and we will be writing to families for this class separately to inform them of arrangements and how we are keeping these sessions COVID safe. He will go on to work with other classes to teach them specific wildlife photography skills in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we are asking the children to begin taking pictures of plants, animals and the landscape in the local area. The only rules to this project are that photographs must be from our immediate local area (Kingswood and Wotton) and that all animals must be wild (no photos of pets, please!)

Some of Iain’s top tips for taking good photos are:

· It doesn’t matter whether you use a mobile phone, compact or bigger camera - for a great photo, your careful observation is more important than what camera you use

· Change your viewpoint - see what the world looks like to a mouse or a frog.

· Look up and down to see patterns.

· Hold your camera steady.

· Explore and photograph at different times of the day and through the seasons - your pictures will tell a wonderful story.

· Slow down! The slower you go the more nature you will notice.

· Have fun, experiment and get creative!

As inspiration, we have included a selection of photographs to give you some ideas to start you off!