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"Opportunity, Enjoyment, Excellence"

Aspect 4 - Rhythm and Rhyme

Ways to support your children at home with

rhythm and rhyme.




  • Get into the rhythm of language: bounce your child on your knee tothe rhythm of a song or nursery rhyme; march or  clap to a chant or poem.


  • Help your child move to the rhythm of a song or rhyme.

  • Read or say poems, songs, nursery songs and rhyming stories as often as you can. Try to use gestures, tap regular beats and pause to emphasise the rhythm of the piece. Add percussion to mark the beats using your hands, feet or instruments.


  • Try out some rhythmic chanting such as ‘two, four, six, eight, hurry up or we’ll be late’ or ‘bip bop boo, who are you?’





  • Take turns to continue a rhyming string.


  • Play 'Odd One out' rhyming games.


  • Guess the next word in a nursery rhyme or rhyming story.


  • Make up your own funny rhymes.


  • Find the rhyming words in a story you are sharing.


  • Play an interactive rhyming game.


  • Play rhyming bingo.


  • Gather a collection of objects which rhyme.